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Experience elite and luxury British living during the Colonial Era, in a quiet yet luxurious setting where one can enjoy a laid back holiday. The Governor’s Mansion Boutique Hotel, a fully restored English styled mansion, set 4000 ft above sea level in the cool climes of the famous Tea valley of Dickoya in Sri Lanka, offers its guests a trip back in time when British planters once called it ‘home’.

With magnificent views of bustling tea estates, mist covered mountain ranges and a beautiful terraced garden; the ideal setting offers fresh air, unrivaled peace and seclusion all day as well as access to sporting activities and sightseeing opportunities. Whether for a family vacation, a romantic get-away or for a writer’s seclusion, the Governor’s Mansion Luxury Boutique Hotel at Dickoya, offers a very special luxuriously pampered experience for anyone.



Guests can experience a relaxing holiday in tranquility, where paneled walls, old yet gleaming wooden floors and attractive fireplaces bring to life the grandiosity of the past. Preserving the opulence & warmth of the Mansion’s origins, the exclusive suites and grand settings have been renovated keeping the uniqueness of an luxury English mansion, where original antiques and brass ware set on display pay tribute to its historical value.

The white garden chairs on the immaculately maintained lawn, overlooking the expanse of the tea estate running into the mist covered mountains, sets place to sip Ceylon tea in pleasant company. One can read a book on the wooden chair, set romantically under a secluded canopy, with the sounds of chirping birds and the stream nearby. From the terraced garden, the fishing pond or through the bay windows of the mansion, the much revered Adam’s Peak can be viewed on a day with a clear blue sky.  While as the sun sets beyond the mountain ranges, the sky comes alive with different strokes of warm colour.

Though tastefully old fashioned, the Mansion offers modern Board games, Badminton, Karaoke, Satellite TV and Internet.





Nestled against the foothills in Dickoya, Sri Lanka, the Governor’s Mansion Luxury Tea Estate Boutique Hotel stands prominent in its garden setting, located in a serene and picturesque tea valley of Ceylon.

Visitors can walk amongst the tea bushes in the plantation and observe the daily routines. And while standing on the garden lawn, they can catch a glimpse of tea pluckers carrying their day’s collection in wicker baskets, or Adam’s Peak, a highly venerated site by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike. Various flora, gathered over the years, gives the garden a unique and awe inspiring character. Trees dating back a hundred years have been well preserved and now stand tall looming over the colourful and tranquil garden.

Guests can hike or cycle along the winding roads of the tea valleys or ride the white water rapids of a river close by. They can experience a periodic steam train journey or visit religious sites such as Temples and old British Churches.

For those seeking solitude Governor’s Mansion proves to be pure paradise. Cozy corners, collection of books to read and spacious yet privy rooms offer the best opportunity to spend some time alone.



The mansion brings to life the gracious living style of the past colonial era. With all modern amenities made available together with the essentials of luxury accommodation, the Governor’s Mansion Luxury Tea Estate Boutique Hotel offers tastefully designed 11 suites – single and double, medium, large and very large sizes including conjoined living space for family holiday needs.

With the blending of rich material furnishings in silks and cottons, each room has exposed and painted beam ceilings, an old fireplace, a modern bathroom with hot water, a writing desk, teak wooden floor and antique furniture.

For those wishing for a pampered holiday the choice of four poster beds, snug leather seats and large spacious rooms are available. The courteous staff offers personal attentive room services on daily basis. Friendly reception desk is manned 24/7.

One can strike up good conversation with other guests in the lounge or living room where comfortable sofas, entertainment in the form of music center, board games and magnificent billiards table, piano, guitar, karaoke and satellite TV are available to keep guests of all ages entertained. Click on the following links to read more about rooms and Governor’s Mansion Luxury Tea Estate Boutique Hotel.

Governor’s suite

Edwardian suite

Royal suite

Albany suite

Regency suite

Queen’s Suite

Grovenor suite

Kensington suite

Buckinghamshire suite

Doncaster suite

Victorian Suit



Sri Lankan and Continental Cuisine, the Governor’s Mansion Luxury Tea Hotel offers a delectable range of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner are served by obliging and discreet stewards. The chef’s creations revealing his talent with outstanding flavours can be accompanied by your choice from a selection of world-class wines.

Be it sandwiches and tea from the estate or hot toast and cappuccino, tasty sundries or gourmet cuisine, the mansion offers a dining experience which leaves a lasting impression. Guests can enjoy traditional evening teas with scones, tea cakes and jams in a scenic setting in the garden, overlooking tea estates, mountain ranges and terraced garden, in privacy.

Personalised food service is a forte of the Governor’s Mansion in Dickoya. Guests needs, preferences can be informed to the hotel before arrival or can be discussed in person with the chef.




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